The Road to HOPE

Every Spring we typically host our Anti-Gala, but this year, we have no time for internet glitches, online auctions, and fancy cocktails. At this very moment, we have a waitlist of 200 youth experiencing homelessness. These are students, right here in our community, who need us now. With your support, we can pave the Road to Hope for 200 kids waiting to enroll in PHA services. 

The math is simple, but the challenge is big: $3,000 to enroll one kid x 200 kids =$600,0000

Every $3,000 that you (and your friends & family!) help raise, means another child is on the Road to Hope. Together we are ending the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time.

Help us Pave The Road to HOPE

There are three unique ways you can contribute:

There is no getting around this folks, money helps.

 Host an online fundraiser and rally your network #forthekids

For the Whole Family! Donate to create a Box of Hope for kids who are waiting to enroll.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Questions? Contact PHA Community Engagement Coordinator, Vanessa Sher | (949) 791 2717 


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