National Domestic Violence Awareness #WHYHOPEMATTERS

October is a National Domestic Violence Awareness month. According to a 2009 brief by the National Center for Children in Poverty, domestic violence is one of the three top contributing causes of homelessness for families with children. 19% of the students enrolled in PHA’s programs have witnessed violence in their homes. Project Hope recognizes that the violence our kids witness could become the violence they engage in as adults without intervention. For #TeamKid, this is a huge part of #WhyHopeMatters.

At Project Hope Alliance, our intervention includes connecting our youth to positive and supportive adult mentors. Our mentors come alongside our kids to instill confidence, build self-esteem, and foster strong relationships. These positive adult relationships instill our kids with the belief that they have a future that does not include violence, crime, or homelessness. 

This October, and all year along, PHA stands up and speaks out in the intervention and prevention of Domestic Violence. 

To learn more about Domestic Violence Awareness month, click here  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a PHA mentor, click here .