Every year PHA reaches out to the community to gift the children and their families with the means to celebrate the holidays. Whether it’s giving a family a Thanksgiving meal, fulfilling a child’s “Letter to Santa,” or spending a few hours volunteering—every donation gives a little bit of extra hope to our kids for the holidays.

Feed families for Thanksgiving


For larger organizations and companies that want to work together this Thanksgiving, your group can host a drive and feed multiple families. Here’s how to host one for your group:

  • We will bring a Project Hope Alliance barrel or food bags to your location
  • Collect non-perishable food items with expiration dates no sooner than 01/01/2018, and gift cards from the Thanksgiving checklist
  • All donations should brought back to PHA’s office no later than November 5th


Individuals and smaller groups can also bring in food bags, complete with each item on the Thanksgiving checklist to give a family a full Thanksgiving meal. All non-perishable food items should expiration dates no sooner than 01/01/2019. Please have all food bags at the PHA office no later than November 5th.

Thanksgiving Wish List

Thanksgiving Signup


Fulfill a child’s Holiday Wish List


For larger organizations or companies who want a team-building experience this season, hosting a toy drive at your location or office builds camaraderie while giving hope for the holidays. Here is how your team can get involved:

  • First sign up online
  • We will bring a PHA barrel to your location
  • Barrels should be filled with new, unwrapped toys or gift cards for boys and girls from 0 – 18-years-old
  • All gifts should brought back to PHA’s office no later than December 3rd

Host a Toy Drive


As a way to send a more personalized message to our families and spread hope, individuals or groups can choose to adopt a child, or entire families, and fulfill their Holiday Wish Lists.


*Please note that typically donors have spent an average of $100 per child’s wish list. Also, to keep our kids safe this holiday season we ask donors to refrain from gifting any toy or plastic weapons. Thank you for bringing hope for the holidays!



Let us go shopping for you! We understand the holidays are a very busy time of every for everyone. But, with your donation you can still give the gift of hope for the kids.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Volunteer Coordinator Kaitlynn Ramsay at or (949) 791-2717. Thank you for bringing hope for the holidays!

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